Our piercers are fully dedicated to body piercing. Piercing is all they do all the time, not just a couple of hours a week between other jobs. The piercers at Pleasurable are continuously discussing and researching body piercings. They care about the aesthetic results of the various piercings as well as the medical and physiological implications associated with them. Our piercers are fully immersed in the body piercing industry, attending and participating at APP conferences, meeting and consulting with manufacturers to develop better jewelry, new tools and working to develop cleaner more efficient procedures to make body piercing safer and more approachable.

Will Luterzo, Professional Piercer

Will began his career in piercing under the apprenticeship of Ilias Stoilas. Will was a model apprentice and in turn has become a model piercer performing standard and advanced body piercing procedures with accuracy and skill. He has stayed true to the ethics and teachings passed down to him by Ilias during his apprenticeship, but has continued to build upon and refine his technique throughout the years. Will is a friendly and knowledgeable, free-hand piercer who will make you feel secure and comfortable that you will receive a safe and beautiful body piercing. Will is a current member of the Association of Professional Piercers.

Kayla Falk, Professional Piercer

Jasper apprenticed under Will Luterzo in 2015. During their apprenticeship, Jasper furthered their education by graduating Fakir Intensives basic body piercing course, in April 2016. After finishing their apprenticeship, Jasper then graduated Fakir Intensives advanced body piercing course in April 2018. Still a sponge for knowledge, Jasper continues to attend the Association of Professional Piercers Conference.

Amanda was apprenticed under Will from the start of 2018. They have been a member of our team since 2014 and have been leading our team in the front end for a majority of that time. Amanda attended the Association of Professional Piercer’s conference in 2019 and continues to expand their knowledge of safe and ethical body piercing. Their natural aesthetic eye and artistic ability lends to their accurate and stunning piercing placements.